Ancient Snow Snake Games

Saturday, January 16, 2021

1:00 - 4:00 pm
Lowell Park

2201 Michigan Ave.

Snow Snake Closeup

Take part in the American Indian tradition of Snow Snake Games. Pick up your snow snake kit at WPRF for $5, create & paint your snake, then bring it to Lowell Park to race it on the track.

 Limited number of snakes available to use if you don’t get a kit. 3 throws, best throw of each heat receives a ribbon.

New this year!


Registration Required! Unfortunately, the registration deadline for this event has passed.  Please consider attending one of our other JanBoree Events.

What is an Ancient Snow Snake Game?

In the Ojibwe tradition, if stories are told when there is snow on the ground, the teller will be safe—safe, that is, from snakes and frogs in his/ her bed that will bite and cause sores. The reason for this is that the Ojibwe spirits are sleeping when there is snow on the ground. Because they are sleeping they won’t get mad about stories being told and send snakes and frogs

To learn more about this tradition, please click here!

How are the Snow Snakes made and what does the race look like?

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Snow Snake Examples